I am so pumped to be one of your counselors! I have been a counselor at Camp Ubuntu for about 3 years and I love every minute I get to share with my campers & co-counselors/staff. I’m originally from Irvine, CA but I just graduated from UC Santa Barbara! When I grow up, I want to be a child advocate lawyer. Some of my hobbies include writing, going to the beach, cooking, spending time with my friends and family, playing with my dogs, working out, watching Netlfix and sleeping.


I was raised in South Central LA, have been part of camp Ubuntu for four years and teaches boxing and fitness class as a hobby and a job 


Fun facts:

- I was actually a camp Ubuntu camper when I was younger

- I was born in El Salvador 

- Can eat a whole pizza box by myself


Hello beautiful Ubuntu Fam! My name is Miranda! I was born in the Bay Area, (although SoCal now has part of my heart) and just graduated college from UC Santa Barbara! I have been a part of the Ubuntu family for the past two years and love meeting you all, creating art, playing soccer, and listening to music. I can’t wait for an incredible and fun-filled summer:) Feel free to reach out, I’d love to connect and chat!

Dee from Long Beach, CA. Ive been at camp since December 2014 off and on due to my many travel adventures. One fun fact is that I’ve sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and I've sailed over 3500 nautical miles. I’m a juvenile justice advocate and  I don’t believe kids should be put in jail


Hey everyone! My name is Evelyn (Ee Vee Ee for some of you)!! Im from South LA like most of you! Ive been involved with Camp Ubuntu/Camp Ubuntu Watts since 2016, so this is my fifth summer! Woohoo!! I really enjoy playing soccer, dancing, drawing and painting (mostly free draw/doodle). A little fun fact, I know American Sign Language, if some of you are interested feel free to ask me more about sign language:) I am extremely excited to see you all on our Zoom!


My name is Ms. Jay. I am from Montebello, CA. I have been a camp counselor for 3 years now. I love to dance and play around with make up! But my ultimate favorite thing to do is putting smiles on people’s faces!


Campers! I’m very excited about this summer! My name’s Luïs Rodriguez and I’m from Huntington Park. This will be my 5th summer at Camp Ubuntu! I love to play sports, play video games, and make music! I LOVE LAFC and my cat. Can’t wait to get started on all the fun things we have in store!


Hi guys! It’s Jamie (AKA J-Mama) here!! Nothing makes me more happy than my Ubuntu family, and I’m so excited to spend my summer with you all. A fun fact about me is that I just graduated from college, where I studied film! If you want any film recommendations or even interested in having a job in film (it’s so fun!!!) be my pen pal! Peace n love, always!

I was a camper and counselor at

Canyon Creek Sports Camp growing up. I was introduced to the Harold Robinson Foundation in 2013 during an incredibly difficult time in my life. Camp Ubuntu is what gave me the motivation and inspiration to change my life and continue on a path of togetherness. Camp Ubuntu is where I learned that true positive change is possible. Where you were yesterday and where you are today does not determine where you will be tomorrow. There is nothing more true than



My name is Ms. Marissa and I love to sing, dance, inspire, & create. My favorite hobby is going out for brunch and catching up with the gals. I hope that this summer we’ll all connect in a special way.